Southern Mallorca

The forbidding geography of the coast between Badia de Palma (Bay of Palma) and Colonia de Sant Jordi has kept this area as one of the least developed in Mallorca. A large part of the coastline is surrounded by high, impregnable cliffs, which are endlessly splashed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Port de Sóller

Sóller’s outlet to the sea is the quintessential Mallorcan fishing and yachting harbour, set around an almost perfectly enclosed bay. About a decade ago, millions of euros were invested in the development of the port, but as with all such places, the atmosphere oscillates between classy and rough.

King George Island

King George Island, the largest of the South Shetlands and the first Antarctic stop for many tourists, is loaded with stations. Less than 10% of the island’s 1,295 square kilometers is ice-free, but it has year-round bases for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Poland, Russia, South Korea and Uruguay.

Northern Seoul

Some of Seoul’s most charming neighborhoods are clustered in an arc along the city’s three guardian mountains. To the east, next to Naksan, you’ll find the Dehanno Student and Performing Arts Center. Heading counter-clockwise towards Bukaksan, you’ll find Seongbuk-dong, an affluent residential area with excellent museums.

Staten Island

The country of Shaolin (according to the Wu Tang Clan, whose district this is from), velor tracksuits, pasta with gravy (a red meat sauce), clapboard houses and aluminum siding, three members of MTV’s Jersey Shore, and the starting point of New York marathon, Staten Island seems light years from Manhattan.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Whatever you do, don’t skip the bustling capital, the beautiful and welcoming port of Santa Cruz, when you head to Tenerife Beach. This quintessentially Spanish city, set on beautiful rolling hills, is home to bright, brightly painted buildings, grand and historic architecture, exquisite and original shops, fascinating museums and art galleries.

The Westfjords

The Westfjords are where Iceland’s dramatic landscapes reach their peak and where mass tourism disappears – only about 10% of Iceland’s visitors ever see the region. Jagged bird cliffs and wide, colorful dream beaches frame the south.


The ocher town of Sóller lies in a valley surrounded by the grey-green hills of the Serra de Tramuntana. The Arabs saw the potential of the valley known as the Vall d’Or (Golden Valley), and reports of orange and lemon groves watered by springs in the hills date back to the 13th century.